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I Love GED for Sure

Over 39 million American adults lack a high school diploma, and the GED exam plays a significant role in preparing these adults for higher education and better jobs. The GED 21st Century Initiative set goals for the GED Test, to align it with the Common Core State Standards and assure that GED test-takers are prepared for today’s colleges, universities, and jobs. The American Council on Education (ACE) and Pearson VUE have formed a new partnership that will continue using the name GED Testing Service and that will design and deliver the GED Exam, in line with these goals. In the last year, Pearson VUE has partnered with the American Council on Education in a study to compare GED scores in computer-based testing with scores in traditional pencil-and-paper tests. Now, the partners are moving forward with plans to convert the GED exam into a computer-based test. A new version of the GED Test is planned for 2014. Meanwhile, computer versions of the current test will be offered in California, Florida, Georgia, and Texas at official testing centers starting in April, 2011. The GED exam is not offered online, and no online GED exams are planned. However, online GED test preparation is available. A computer-based GED assessment is only one part of the upcoming changes in the GED Test. The new GED exam planned for 2014 is intended to be more rigorous and reflect the Common Core State Standards in order to make sure everyone who earns a GED diploma is ready for higher education and better careers. The GED Testing Service also plans a national test preparation program to include individualized resources to prepare for the GED exam, as well as a transition network to help GED earners connect with job opportunities and colleges or universities. Preparation for the GED needs to focus on the skills students need to succeed in higher education, including goal-oriented planning, self-motivation, and critical thinking. Learning basic skills needs to be part of a comprehensive preparation to expand on those skills so that they can provide the most real-world benefits in the workforce and in higher education. To learn more about becoming prepared for the GED exam quickly, from the convenience of a home computer contact The GED Academy. GED and GED Testing Service are registered trademarks of the American Council on Education (ACE). Use of the GED trademark does not imply support or endorsement by ACE. GED Practice Exams, I love GED For sure!

Citizens of the World


Our kids will speak multiple languages. They will have passports before they have driver’s licenses. They will be cooler than us.



The World’s Cutest Surveillance Robot Videographer

Designed at MIT’s Media Lab, Boxie is an adorable cardboard robot that films you with its eyes. Alexander Reben, of the Responsive Environments group, explains that Boxie’s lack of complexity is its best asset. The little bot’s helplessness wins humans over, and they in turn help it shoot a documentary film. This video from MIT’s LabCast series by Paula Aguilera shows Boxie in action.

Ha! Reminds us of Kacie Kinzer’s (PopTech 2009) Tweenbot